Why Choosing to Work with a Local Real Estate Expert Matters

Have you decided to sell your home? Or do you want to expand your investment portfolio by purchasing a new home or rental property? Each option represents a decision that significantly impacts your life, future, and bank account. Selling your home can give you a significant return on your initial investment. Purchasing Alameda real estate gives you a wonderful place to call home and a smart investment for your future.
After selling your home, you could reinvest the profit into another property or invest in the stock market for your retirement. You could also use the profit to do something frivolous, like taking that fantastic trip you’ve been planning.
Real estate transactions can help you diversify your investments, but it requires research, perseverance, and the right team to educate you on market trends. An expert intimately familiar with the local market has an extensive list of contacts and has the stats to prove their success will give you all you need to make a sound investment decision.

Local knowledge

Finding an agent who knows the best restaurants, parks, and neighborhoods in a town is crucial when buying a new home. An agent who lives in the community or is there daily will be able to provide valuable information you cannot get from an Internet search. Having that extensive local knowledge will help you quickly acclimate to the area and narrow down the search for your new home.
An agent with local insight can tell you that Alameda real estate near San Antonio Avenue is ideal for dog lovers, as the Alameda Dog Park is only a few blocks away and has various playgroups with many fun activities. With a local agent in your corner, you will also discover that Mosley’s Cafe is another ideal place for dog lovers. This restaurant encourages visitors to bring their pups along while enjoying a delightful pastry paired with organic coffee.
Local agents with this level of hyper-local and detailed knowledge will have a pulse on the neighborhoods, and you will benefit from that knowledge as you go through buying or selling your home.

Community connections

It is well-publicized that the housing industry reflects an aggressive market for buyers. The available homes for sale in Oakland are limited, and buyers need someone who has an extensive network of local people and businesses to facilitate the purchase of a home. Access to potential upcoming listings is only a portion of what is needed to land your new home. You want someone who has an extensive list of contractors, inspectors, attorneys, and other agents in the area to help you find the perfect home and prepare your best offer to get the house.
An agent with these contacts will facilitate quick transactions for potential home inspections or access to a local contractor to have a repair done if you plan to sell your home. Using an agent with the right connections could help you receive a higher price for your property. Agents use their contacts to help you with minor (or major) upgrades, marketing techniques, staging companies, and lenders. Asking your agent about their connections to local businesses is wise when selecting which expert will guide you through your transaction.

Top performance history

You would not have your investments managed by someone without a successful trend of profits for their customers. The same holds true for the real estate agent you choose when buying or selling Oakland real estate. Ask your agent for statistics about the homes they have sold and use this data to compare with other agents you are considering in your search.
When it comes to trusting someone with a significant investment, data is much more reliable than spoken words. Knowing they have sold homes within your neighborhood gives you the confidence that they are the right person for you.

Personalized level of service

What is the level of customer service you can expect from your agent and their team? Using a local agent who has intimate knowledge of the community surrounded by a dependable team will give you a higher level of customer service than someone assigned to you from an Internet search. This personalized touch will make your home buying experience more pleasant, as this should be a happy time in your life! It will also allow you to reach out and ask questions or see a listing without delays in communication, which could cost you the home you wanted. Customer service is about more than being there with the right words; it also includes managing any issues that arise with an effective plan of action.
Choose an agent you can count on, someone who knows your neighborhood inside out and knows the people and businesses located there. The right agent has successful statistics for homes sold and has an elevated customer service level for the best possible home buying or selling experience.
When you are ready to find the agent who meets your requirements, reach out to Michael Lane Homes. Michael is prepared to make your next buying or selling adventure a stress-free and fantastic experience!

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